Why an All-In-One Printshop is the way to go

Every year, more and more businesses are managing their own design for printing themselves rather than going through a designer or a printer that can provide design services. This often leads to printing issues such as communication confusion, loss of quality, and added costs of redoing print runs. To help you understand why print management is important, we put together a list of five reasons you should let your designer/printshop manage the printing:

  1. Better Results.

Because you get a discounted prices for design at an all-in-one shop, you are able to get better results for not much more in cost. In fact many designers will also discount the printing to keep costs down for the client. Usually, higher prices mean a higher quality of printing, and not because of inflated costs.

  1. Keeping the Quality High.

When the printing is managed by the shop, we become responsible for the quality of the printing. We supervise the actual printing to make sure you have a product you can be proud of. The designer will know if it’s printing the way it was intended to, preserving the original vision of the piece. We prepare our files for specific printing techniques.

  1. Experience Matters.

We have many years of experience designing and working with print-ready files. We prepare each file to ensure the project is printed to maximum quality and to meet your deadlines. Why should you make the same mistakes we learned from years ago, and have learned how to prevent? Let us iron out the issues so you can get you piece faster and hassle-free.

  1. Do it right the first time.

Some printers will print your file exactly as you give it to them. If you don’t watch the job or give specific instructions, they won’t know if it’s going wrong. If this happens and it comes out wrong because you haven’t communicated exact instructions, guess who pays for the reprint. Do you have the budget to reprint the job until you get it right? Do you want to risk losing business because of poor quality printed materials?