What’s Your Sign?

At Kinetica Print, one of our key tasks is to check for typos at every step of the way. You take your eye off the ball for one second, and BAM! All of your hard work has gone down the proverbial drain and you’re left with a Hall-of-Shame Masterpiece.


To help energize your week (and hopefully put a smile on your face,) we’ve searched for some of the best, shall we say, less-than-perfect signs that missed the final proofreading step.
















It seems the punctuation has gone to the dogs in this park.














How many Ts do you see?













Maybe it’s time to add spelling to the Three Rs?














I’m sorry, Officer, I didn’t know what that meant.













If you want to be President, you have to be able to spell the country correctly.













They must’ve run out of Fs.














It’s something about those dogs…











M-I-S-S-I-S-S-….Wait? What?













Don’t worry, Be happy.


We hope this at least puts a smile on your face as your week gets underway. If you find yourself in need of any signage, please feel free to reach out to us right here. We guarantee no typos!



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