Things to consider when going with Direct Mail

Canada Post Direct Mail

You send out two direct mail postcards of the same dimensions and weight that cost the same to print. At first glance, you could say that both efforts should be identical in cost to the company. But dive into it a little further and it can be argued that one could cost you more in terms of missed opportunities, reduced reputation and thus a less than ideal allocation of your marketing budget. Making sure you are getting the most out of your direct mail campaigns is a real cost-saving measure that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The success of your mailer depends heavily on the type of your mailing list and relevance of the content. Without choosing the right type of mailing list, the message in the marketing content is wasted and without content relevant to your campaign, your direct mail efforts become a missed opportunity.

When choosing a mailing list, you have the option of choosing a targeted list (addressed admail) that is directed at a certain demographic or sending out to an untargeted list (unaddressed admail) to reach a broader group of people. The targeted list enables you to reach a group familiar with your product or service that are more inclined to absorb your offer. But a targeted list is limited when it comes to building general brand awareness. On the flip side, choosing an untargeted list results in targeting a generally colder audience, but has the capability to make up for that in its reach. This is definitely the method of choice if brand awareness is the plan of attack. Whatever the goal, your spending dollars will carry you a longer way with a list that is best fit for your marketing goals.

So now that you have picked the right list, what do you put on the mailer? First and foremost, the content has to be relevant to what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to build reputation or get the word out about your business, establish your credibility in your industry in your direct mail. You are allowed to show off a little here. Include third party validation, credentials or awards to show give the consumers faith in your company. If you are going for customer acquisition or re-engagement, include a meaningful offer, keeping in consideration which offers generally have worked well in the past. There is no point on mailing out a deal that people are less likely to respond to.

Given that you optimize the type of mailing list and relevance of the content to suit your campaign, your direct mail campaign should yield a positive return. If you need help designing a mailer for your business or need help deciding on a mailing list that works for you, feel free to reach out to our experts at Kinetica Print for a consultation. We are part of the Canada Post Specialist Program and have direct mail professionals that can cater to all of your direct mail needs.