Print Marketing Is Here To Stay

Print Cards Marketing

As the way businesses market their products and services gets more and more digital, many people are considering print marketing a dying breed. It is true that online marketing is becoming more and more relevant, but the print industry is not suffering as a result. It is continuing to flourish alongside the new channels of marketing that are coming to light. Everything from personalized direct mail pieces to something as small as a business card contributes to an effective marketing strategy. Contrary to popular conception, there are many reasons why print will remain an integral part of the marketing landscape.

Print is used less so it stands out more – It is true that online marketing is on the rise. The popularity of online marketing has made the digital landscape quite competitive, thus making it hard to stand out in the crowd of social media efforts or PPC ads. What print marketing loses in marketing appeal, it more than makes up for in effectiveness. Just ask yourself which you pay attention to more, an email newsletter in your inbox or a unique looking print piece in your mailbox.

Social Media and Print complement each other – Businesses are using social media to reach their audience, and the goals of print marketing are no different. The more successful campaigns tend to incorporate the two. Everyone has seen posters, postcards and even business cards with social media handles. What better way to captivate your audience than from an integrated front.

Personalization – In the era of mass marketing, customers are putting a higher value on personalized custom messages. They CAN tell the difference between a stock email and a personalized note. Variable printing is a cheap an easy way to uniquely customize your marketing piece to give them a personal feel.

Print is more than paper – Print marketing does not start and end with just paper product. Ever receive one of those promotional T-shirts? Or come across a branded canvas bag? OR that sandwich board with a witty message outside your favorite bar? All of these things have been printed! And in most cases, these printed pieces get you a much lower cost per impression than say a Tweet or a Facebook status change.

Print marketing is not going to overtake online marketing, but it also is not going anywhere anytime soon and as a matter of fact, you could say that it is thriving alongside other forms of marketing. With the right strategy, great creative direction and proper targeting, print marketing can definitely be a tactic that takes your marketing efforts to a new level. If you have any questions on any type of print marketing or looking for creative design and marketing help feel free to contact us at Kinetica Print and Growth Media and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.