Outdoor Marketing Ideas for Nice Weather

Billboard Marketing

We are on the cusp of entering into the summer months and the summer, along with great weather, presents many opportunities to promote your business with outdoor marketing campaigns. Whether it be a simple sign that will catch the intrigue of passing foot traffic or a poster campaign that capitalizes on the general public being outdoors, outdoor marketing is a great way to get exposure as well as sales for your business.

  • Use banners – Large banners can be very effective in catching people’s attention and luring them into your store or business. For best results, place banners at traffic-heavy intersections, big shopping areas, and outdoor events such as street fairs or sporting events. With an effective banner design and message, the exposure will be well worth the investment.


  • Blanket your target market with advertising collateral – There is a vast array of outdoor advertising collateral that can be used to catch the attention of prospective customers. You can opt for posters, flyers and stickers placed in high foot-traffic areas or a billboard if you want to target the driving crowd. For a successful campaign, it is vital to incorporate good print-to-digital marketing practices.


  • Bring in customers with window clings – Use window clings to showcase your special offers, bring attention to people walking by. Anything that gets a customer to come in for a closer look at your store and your products will increase the chance of a sale. Even with the rise of online shopping, the brick and mortar store experience isn’t going anywhere and window clings will help draw in your clientele.


Summer is a great time for gearing your marketing efforts outside. People are more active and there is generally a good feeling in the air. On top of that, most outdoor marketing collateral are relatively easy to design and cheap to produce. They can definitely be a do-it-yourself project, but if want to take it a step further this summer, contact Growth Media for any marketing inquiries and Kinetic Print for the best prices on outdoor printing collateral of all sizes.