Making Design work for your Brand

Brand Logo Recognition

At Kinetica Print, in conjunction with its parent company Growth Media, we provide a vast array of services to meet all of your printing and marketing needs. This enables us to not only print your marketing collateral, but also help you design the material to ensure brand identity is consistent throughout your business’s materials both digital and in print. We believe that every great brand displays consistency and it is essential to lay great fundamentals for all of your current and future marketing materials.

Common items that should be taken into account when creating a brand identity include:

  • Website
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Coupons
  • Stationary
  • Brochures
  • Presentation/Tradeshow Pieces

Creating a brand identity that can be applied to all of your brand marketing collateral makes it easy for you to maintain consistency both visually and emotionally. Here are some tips to take to developing a visually recognizable brand identity:

  • Have a great logo

Having a great logo is a necessary starting point for any successful brand. Simplicity and relevance are key here as well as visual attractiveness. Your logo is going to be in multiple places on many types of surfaces and its job is to look good no matter the scenario. Your logo is your brand in a single image and needs to be something you can confide in to represent your company.

  • Create an identity for your design

Brands need core design principles to guide their voice. We all have unique personalities and things that make us who we are. When we behave outside of those recognizable traits, we are seen as acting out of character and the same can be said about your brand if it does not have an identity. Color schemes, fonts, style elements all play a key role with expressing brand identity.

  • Crete templates

Templates that exemplify your brand identity will not only ensure consistency, but will also make your life much easier when executing marketing efforts.

  • Keep your customers in mind

Remember to keep the audience you want to appeal to in mind when working on your brand design. Your brand design is a reflection of your company, which makes it vital that it takes into consideration the demographic your company is servicing.


  • Look for Professional Help

At first, paying for brand design may seem like an unnecessary expense. We think there are few services more worth the money than hiring a designer to create brand design. You hire drivers to deliver goods or accountants to crunch your numbers, shouldn’t a design specialist be used for designing great brand designs?

If you would like help designing brand guidelines for your company or want to discuss brand identity development with a design professional, feel free to contact Kinetica Print or its parent company Growth Media with all of your questions.