Large Format Printing

As a business owner, there is enough challenges running a business without fighting to attract customers in a competitive market place. Competition is tough, and finding marketing efforts that can catch the attention of passing customers can be a great boost to sales. If your business has a store front, a great, low-maintenance way to attract customers is using large format marketing.

Large format printing can get your message in front of the general public. From bus stop ads and gigantic banners to a simple sandwich board, Kinetica Print can help you strengthen your visibility in today’s busy marketplace.

Make your statement

Whether you want to create window decals or enormous multi-colour signs, bigger is better when it comes to drawing the eye to your product or service. In a visually cluttered environment, many businesses are moving up to large format printing. This type of advertising can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Large outdoor signs on the sides of buildings or on bus shelters
  • Advertising indoors on the walls of highly-travelled areas
  • On the sides of buses, lorries and cargo vehicles, for maximum mobility
  • Signs at booths or kiosks set up at public events and trade shows

Large format printing can truly help you stand out from the competition and tap into a broader audience.

Different formats of large printing


A well-done oversized sign or poster placed in a highly visible area can have an instant as well as a lasting effect. Depending on your business needs, there are three formats available:

  • Glossy or semi-gloss colour prints, as wide as five feet and any length, can be produced with inkjet large format colour printing.
  • Graphics can be created on any rigid material by using a flatbed inkjet printer. This process is known as direct-to-board printing.
  • Continuous tone images from your Mac or PC can be printed up to 49 inches wide with Durst Lambda/Lightjet 5000 printing.

Using large format printing opens up entire new dimensions of marketing and advertising, and helps you stay front and centre. Compared to traditional media, it can be less expensive, more efficient and it can gain more exposure for your brand.