It’s All About Personality

The serious one. The joker. The procrastinator. The uplifter. We are all surrounded by people, each with their own unique personality, traits, and habits that make them “them.” (Go ahead, take a minute and think about the four suggestions we made. We bet you can instantly fill in at least one name into each category.)

Most people will argue that their pets have unique personalities, some might even go as far as to assign a personality to their car or vehicle.

But did you know that fonts also have personalities? It’s true, they do!

We’ve taken ten fonts and have written a little about each of them, hopefully helping you decide when and where they’re best (and not best) used.

We hope you enjoy!

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ARENQ is relatively new, kind of a show off, and a bit shallow. It’s all about style with ARENQ, not so much about substance. He’s ideal (he’s a random “he”) for a club opening, a DJ promoting a night of thumpa-thumpa, or somewhere where you’re trying to attract a younger, hipper crowd. Where’s he not welcome: anything corporate or serious.


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Century Gothic is a stalwart of the font family. She’s (again, random) here to do business, but with a softer side. She’s almost motherly, trying to set an example of being on the straight and narrow, but still showing a little personality. Easy to read, she’s ideal for schoolbooks and signage in large areas. Because of her wider stance, she’s not ideal if space is at a minimum.


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Comic Sans is constantly picked on by other fonts. He tries to be a player in the font world (especially since he tries so hard to mimic actual handwriting.) But much like the New Coke of the eighties, he’s just not been welcomed. We don’t want to be a bully, but he’s best left unused on all occasions.


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Curlz MT is the tea-party princess. Her easy to read, yet playful curves make her ideal for a child’s birthday party, signage in a store that specializes in kitschy little items, or the title of a children’s book. She has no business anywhere near anything serious, her light and airy appearance make her just too cheery for that.


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Edwardian Script. The snob. The elitist. His sweeping curves and wide reach allow him to intimidate and be taken seriously no matter what he says. No one questions Edward, they just take him at face value. Because of his regal look, he’s ideal for formal invitations and events. His big drawback is that he can be hard to read at times (and he’s fine with that.)

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And now the mother of all fonts: Helvetica. On of the more “mature” fonts (shall we say,) Helvetica has been around for quite a awhile. Such a standard in the font community, there’s even a documentary on the creation of different fonts called “Helvetica.” (You can check it out right here.) With her easy to read lines, even spacing, and sans serif appearance, she’s perfect for just about everything. (And she’s not afraid of Edwardian Script even one little bit.)

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Wanna look a little historic but still stay artsy? Then LITHOS PRO is your ideal choice. With a slight nod to the Greek alphabet, he lends just enough authority without coming off as too serious or steeped in history. Ideal for outdoor signage, especially in a natural setting or historical spot.


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Mistral is the washed up version of a B-List celebrity. She was the belle of the ball in the mid to late eighties (and even into the early nineties by some counts.) However, she has simply been outdated by other counterparts. The only time she should be used is if you’re throwing a high school or college reunion and you graduated in the mid 80s.

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Papyrus is the gentle soul of the group, naturally relaxing. His subtle reference to plants and trees instantly cause our blood pressure to go down a little and we take a deep breath. The very opposite of his counterpart ARENQ, he is perfect for day spas and nail salons.


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STENCIL is an all around “pay attention to me I’m important” kind of font. Maybe it’s the “stamped” look, but anything that’s printed in STENCIL commands our immediate attention. We’ve noticed that a lot of shipping companies use STENCIL when stamping the word “Fragile” on packages. Which is ironic, because STENCIL is anything but fragile.

So what do you think? Did we accurately pin these down? Which ones do you associate your own personality with the most? The least?

As always, the entire team at Kinetica Print is standing by to take your questions or to book your next printing job. Feel free to reach out to us right here!