Is Print Advertising DOA?

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My gut response, yes. Why else would we be encouraged to go paperless and access everything online? Who likes their mailbox jammed with a bunch of ads, catalogs, and the like?


So yes, it’s dead.


Oh, wait.


Maybe it’s just on the operating room table. I forgot about the coupon we used for dinner the other night that was nicely packed in my daily mail. It was a really good deal though and we hadn’t been to that restaurant in probably 10 years. Truth is, I had almost forgotten they were even still in business, but their easily recognized logo and dinner offer couldn’t be ignored.


So their coupon did the trick, it got us back in the door with an attractive offer, but more than that, we had forgotten how good the food and service is, so we’ll be going back. We’ve even recommended it people, and the response has been, “You know, we never think about eating there. Gotta give it a try.”


Because of a coupon.


But other than that, I really just toss aside all of those catalogs and postcards that come in the mail.


Wait, I forgot.


That cruise line catalog really caught my attention. The photos of tropical landscapes and beaches, the cuisine, the night life; now those really got to me.


So much so that we booked a vacation for over Christmas with them. Seven fun filled days in Mexico on a luxury ship. Can’t wait.


We hadn’t really been discussing a cruise, but the offer (much like the restaurant) was just too good to pass up. The catalog got me.


So in the past few weeks I guess those coupons have paid for themselves. I mean, we can’t be the only people who are responding the same way, can we? With deals like the restaurant and cruise line were offering, I’m positive there are other people who did the same thing we did: acted once. And I’m even more confident that there are people who will do what we will: continue to go back for more.


So a blog entry that was supposed to ring the death knell on print advertising has done the exact opposite: it’s alive and kicking. (My full stomach and soon to follow vacation photos are evidence of that.)

I close with this: print advertising is thriving and you don’t want to miss out on the thousands of potential customers who are just waiting for you.


To close even stronger, we can help you with all of your print needs, whether it’s just print, or a project that needs to be designed from the ground up. We’re here. Let us help.


Feel free to email us at


Table for two, cabin for two. Who knows what’s next.


I gotta go check my mail.