Images Worth Their Weight in Comic Gold

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It has often been said “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”

As professional printers and designers, we’re always looking for the perfect images to tell the story that needs to be told.

Occasionally, though, an image communicates so strongly that we just have to stand back, choke back the emotions (whether it be tears of laughter, a state of utter confusion, or just plain ol’ bewilderment) and let the words come to our minds.

With the end of the school year coming (some of you are already there), summer plans on the mind, schedules to coordinate, and the tons of other things you have to accomplish everyday, we decided to treat you to some of our favorites, just to give you a few moments to enjoy:

It’s for the existentialists on the road. (Or is the road on the existentialist?)


Not sure if HR would approve this, but there’s probably a form to fill out, right?


Not exactly the kind of organ (ok, body part) donation you were thinking.


Has quite a bite, doesn’t it?


For all of you dyslexic drivers out there, just take your pick.


Tell us this isn’t a government operation.


It’s the “Miss Jackson” Buffet. (If you don’t get this, ask an 80s kid.)


Clearly, they never want their members to end up on YouTube. C’mon, a dog that golfs? That would go viral in seconds.


They offer a variety of services, let’s just hope they don’t give kids balloons on the way out.


Oddly, this is just a little ways down the road from The Garden View Restaurant.


We hope we’ve given you a little to laugh about today.

If you’ve seen a sign that needs to be posted, please feel free to email us a pic right here.

Who knows? You could end up being the start of our social media!

Have a Happy Tuesday, friends!