How to Plan a Great Print Marketing Campaign

Knowing that print marketing can be one of your greatest marketing weapons is one thing; pulling off a successful print marketing campaign is another. The following is a list of tips for running a profitable direct-mail postcard marketing campaign:

  1. Begin by determining the goal of your campaign: what, exactly, do you want to achieve and how will you measure campaign success? Set campaign milestones. For example, you might want to generate a five percent response rate and a 180 percent return on investment
  2. Next, identify your target customer by demographic data: age, income, gender, hobbies, purchasing habits, geographic location, etc. Buy or rent a mailing list comprised of customers who meet your demographic criteria (or use your own in-house list). Your entire campaign will be based on getting these people to help you achieve your goal
  3. Develop a special time-limited offer to promote to your customers; your offer should represent a great deal on something your recipients really want
  4. Write your sales copy and include a bold headline, list of benefits, and a compelling call to action. Incorporate a tracking mechanism, such as a coupon or coupon code
  5. Draft an attention-getting design that gets your copy noticed and helps persuade customers to take immediate action
  6. Print your postcard on premium paper stock and send it to your mailing list
  7. Track all responses and sales to determine your ultimate return on investment
  8. Compare your actual ROI versus your goals

If your campaign meets or exceeds your goals, you know you have a successful campaign that in all likelihood would yield similar results when sent to a similar mailing list. You also have a “control,” a postcard you know works, which lets you make minor tweaks and test different variations against it to see if you can improve your campaign performance. Keep in mind this is a simple, though effective, direct-mail postcard marketing strategy. A longer-term strategy might include several direct mailers, since repetition sells.

Direct-mail isn’t the only way to leverage the power of print marketing, of course; but it’s a good example of how print marketing can help you grow your business. In any case, it’s all about getting the right message to the right customers at the right time. Print marketing can help you do that more effectively than any other marketing channel.