How Print can help your Personal Career

Business Card Printing

When you’re searching for a new job or revamping your career, one of the things that will make you stand out from other candidates is a well-established personal brand.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more involved than just making sure your LinkedIn is up to date. Fortunately, print can do wonders for your personal brand.

Print makes you more relevant

You might glance at this statement and wonder if it isn’t the opposite that is true. This is actually a myth, believed by the same people who perpetuate the notion that print is about to become obsolete. The fact that Newsweek is back in print, after a much-publicized year of digital production only, shows just how hasty the “death of print” conclusion is.

This is good news for those of you who are rather fond of your stack of printed resumes. These and other physical tools for personal marketing should be integrated with your social media, online work portfolio and other digital resources. These things show hirers that you’re more than just a one trick pony.

There are many beautiful ways to brand yourself through printed elements if you embrace digital interaction rather than shying away from it.

Print makes you more memorable

Every job opening brings in a pool of candidates who are competing desperately for attention. As an applicant, you need to stand out from the crowd in as many ways as possible, and personal branding items from a reputable printer can help you do this.

It’s simple but profound: Holding an object in your hand increases your tactile memory, both of the object and of the person who gave it to you. This is why so many people opt for unusual textures, embossing, letterpressing, cutouts and other non-standard choices with their business cards and other promotional materials. Any extra element adds interest to the texture and makes you more memorable to your contact.

More than the basic tactile element, printed materials offer a personal connection that digital can’t replicate. The sooner you nail down the essential visual elements of your personal brand – colors or fonts – the sooner you can align your print promotions to the common goal of getting you hired.

Print makes you more versatile

Print can expand the reach of your digital efforts and compliment your online profiles.

Social media, video, your own website and a regularly updated blog go hand-in-hand very easily with print marketing. Making sure to adopt the same tone in your social media feeds and your printed materials shows that you’re an integrated voice over all sorts of outlets.

If you have any questions on creative and unique print ideas for your personal branding collateral, or if you want to get started on creating print marketing items, feel free to contact Kinetica Print to speak to our print experts.