Every Time You Make A Typo, the Errorists Win

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Got your attention, didn’t we?

And, no, we’re not going to claim that we’ve never made a typo or other printing error.

What we can say is that we double and triple check every piece of work that leaves our creative offices. Humans are bound to err, but a quick “second set of eyes” is sometimes all that stands between flop and flippin’ awesome.

We’ve collected some prime examples of (shall we say) less than perfect items that went to print maybe just a wee bit early:


Typo, typographical error

Okay, this really early, but comforting to know that even many years ago typos were being made. (And people were possibly calling each other “peeface.”)



It’s all sex, drugs, and rock and roll with musicians these days.



Maybe this is why he didn’t win? (Or maybe he did in some small, unknown country called Amercia.)


“SOTP! In the Name of LVOE!” (Wouldn’t have caught on as quickly.)



Didn’t Borders sell…um….books? We’re sure at least one or two had some proofreading tips.



Will this epic fail cost someone their job?



But they still managed to spell the mayor’s name correctly!


Shhh, we’re cool, man.

Thanks for (hopefully) enjoying these as much as we do. As always, the entire team at Kinetica Print is standing by to help you with any of your printing and/or design needs. Feel free to email us right here.

And now, just for fun:




Have a great week!