Draft a Lion with the BC Lions

BC Lions Draft a Lion Event

Kinetica Print and Growth Media are big supporters of our local sports teams and are extremely excited to announce our involvement in this year’s Draft a Lion program.  By being a part of this fun program, Kinetica Print got to “draft” a BC Lions player to be associated with our brand for the upcoming season. The unique event had the feel of a real draft and was a great opportunity to meet the players and mingle with fellow sponsors. It was a night of good food, constant entertainment and amazing company.

Kinetica Print drafted Rolly Lumbala, a formidable fullback who was a part of the 2011 Grey Cup winning team. We are thrilled to have Lumbala as a player who will have a season long association with the company and will be involved in company events. We are also looking forward to having our logo appear on the video board for home games every time the Lumbala is featured for his solid plays.

Here are some highlights of the event:

Sponsors were welcomed in by a familiar sight for  those of us from Kinetica Print/Growth Media.


A view of the stage from our table. Draft handbook, plush footballs and all the good stuff.


“Who do we draft if we get the first overall pick Kris?!?”


Anticipation building up to the draft order lottery. Praying we don’t draft last.


Kinetica Print wins the 18th pick in this year’s Draft a Lion draft.


And with the 18th pick in this year’s draft, Kinetica Print is extremely excited to draft Rolly Lumbala. Welcome to our team Rolly!


And last but not least, Mr. Wally Buono admiring the prize for the last pick in this year’s draft courtesy of @carolynn_howard