7 Interesting Print Marketing Statistics

Direct Mail Print Marketing

It is no secret that the majority of new marketing trends are based on digital marketing. Digital marketing is a powerful tool that has great promise, but it is only one facet of your marketing strategy. As marketers, we need to remember that there are other methods, both supplementary and complimentary, that needs to be incorporated with digital marketing to form a successful marketing plan.

The age of digital media has led to a heavy focus on digital marketing trends and coverage. But just because something is not in the spotlight, does not necessarily mean it can be over looked. Print marketing is a method that receives minimal press but remains one of the most powerful promotional tools. Here are some direct mail statistics to consider before you let print slip out of your marketing strategy:

  1. 79% of households say they read or scan direct mail ads – unlike online ads, direct mail reaches a target that is more likely to read the ad you have sent out.
  2. 39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of direct-mail – as it turns out, direct mail is a great way to acquire new customers.
  3. Direct mail gives advertisers a 13-1 return – the return on investment for direct mail speaks for itself.
  4. Direct mail brings in 78% of donations for non-profits – for fundraising, there is no better method than direct mail.
  5. Since 2004, direct mail marketing responses have increased by 14% – what’s interesting here is that in that same span of time email responses have declined by over 50%.
  6. 56% of customers find print marketing the most trustworthy – build trust to build your business.
  7. 48% of people keep their direct mail for future use – even if the response is not immediate, customers are likely to keep your marketing piece for future reference.

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