In today’s digital world many marketers often bypass the importance of print ads. But print ads have been and will continue to be a great way to grow business. Whether it’s finding brand new customers or milking and defending a cash cow, using the right print at the right time can present unlimited opportunities to place a company name into the minds of customers at any stage of their buying cycle. There’s a new buzz in the advertising world around a great marketing strategy to use in 2016. That is the OMNI Channel. Using the OMNI channel is a method used to create a cohesive and consistent message by gluing together all advertising pieces. It reminds us that print advertising is one important puzzle piece in the grand picture and gives the target audience a very clear understanding of the message you are trying to convey. Coming into 2016 we all know how important digital marketing is but we need to remember that print ads are equally important as they aid in creating a fuller, richer experience for customers. As we move further into 2016 it’s the perfect time to reflect on last year’s top 10 print ads and see how big brands did it right. Reflection can provide guidance in creating new ideas to help reach any advertising goal.

So without further ado…



I love this ad, it’s funny and clearly depicts the purpose of the product. It’s to the point and will definitely make its viewers take a second look.





This ad is a great example of how to use contrast properly. Many advertisers are afraid of using white space or using one solid colour throughout. But you can see from this ad that it is a great way to showcase your product (and in Niveas case it’s perfect for their night line specifically). The simplicity of this ad is great for branding as it quickly puts the brand name into the viewers mind and directs them to a certain product within a broad range of offerings.





I found this one a cute and creative way to promote “it’s sugar free” product. The contrast with the grey background and the bright yellow logo with the tag line works brilliantly.





Is it just me or does anyone else find this ad hilarious? If there’s one thing that’s always going to be in style it’s the use of cute animals. I think this trend became really popular starting with the mega giant Telus and their animal campaigns (see video below to remind yourself of these goodies). Again you can see how simplicity works.



It’s not surprise that a Mcdonald’s ad made it on this list. In all my research this is one ad that kept popping up. Their advertising team is not new to using simplicity and white space and this is another one of their innovative advertisements to convey their latest offering.





Another humour based ad using a cute animal that is great for Hyundai (and it not a picture of a car!).




7 . IKEA

Although this one is not as straight forward as the others, it is a creative and simple way to catch the attention of both the single and taken population around Valnetines day. Again notice the trend around using white space and contrast.






Yup…then there’s this one.






Again I have to say, the use of white space works magic. They also use a light hearted and fun approach to display the direct benefits of using their products – using their Pedigree treats control dogs behaviour.




Fanta takes a different approach which may seem too cluttered for some brands but they show how a busier ad can work. It’s so fresh and I don’t know about you but I got thirsty just looking at it! All of the white text made me think of the bubbles from their carbonated drink. Brilliant!